About Bridie

My process of taking pictures, editing and processing them is one of falling in love with each subject and also connecting with the world.

Photographer / Designer

Bridie Macdonald

My background is graphic design, but I’ve been enjoying taking photos all of my life. My daily focus revolves around creating visual moments and I’ve been one of those lucky people who’s career path was set from a very early age. I was obsessed with drawing as a kid and drew for hours on end, loving that a simple pencil and paper could become a window into something magical and transformative. When I got hold of a camera as a teenager I found the process of photography even more take-my-breath-away thrilling than drawing.

When I became a mom I really learned how to take pictures of kids. My son is so active (we’re talking lightning fast!) and this has completely changed how I photograph. And I’ve found that allowing kids the space to run, jump, play or just be makes for the best pictures (plus it’s way more fun that just saying “cheese”).

The act of taking photos for me is one of connecting with people and the environment that I photograph. I try to approach each photography session without preconceived notions of how things “should” look and find that it opens me up to discovering fabulous “unscripted” moments.

Time flies by so quickly, and being able have wonderful photos to document life is an absolute treat. I have exactly one professionally taken photo of my family when I was a kid, I love it so much….because really, photos are magic.

Xoxo, Bridie